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"Give the gift of possibilities and watch what unfolds."
Michele C. Long

What is the Gift of Possibilities?

It is giving someone the space to create something from nothing when we are standing in nothing. It is the space to be open to “thinking outside the box” to find something we didn’t know we didn’t know.

Where do we find the Gift of Possibilities?

First: We feel it in our heart. Second: We begin to hear it in our thoughts. Third: We then create it in our conversations.

Who do we give the Gift of Possibilities to?

We give it to: children who have been taught, “they can’t” do something, and then begin to believe it as if it were the truth; anyone who has lost the sight of a brighter tomorrow and needs a helping hand; those who never knew what a possibility was, or could be, in their own lives; ourselves when times look bleak and we have forgotten for that one split moment that we can create in reality whatever we dare to dream.

When do we give the Gift of Possibilities?

We give it in the now, as a present, in the present.

How do we give the Gift of Possibilities?

One gives it in the sharing of the moment.

"I am The Possibility of Possibilities!"
Michele C. Long
email: mspossibility@gmail.com

Thanks to all who support me in friendship and love. Your love has been inspirational.